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Vision Book Workshop

By fun_ master · June 24, 2012

Happy Vision Bookers!

Upcoming Vision Book Workshop taught by Marilyn LoRusso a.k.a. @fun_master

Saturday, August 4th, 1-4pm FUNitude Art Studio, Novato, CA

Join Marilyn for a FUN art workshop where you will begin to create a Vision Book using the altered book collage...

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There is the age old question (well, at least for the last 4 years or so): "If two or more tweeps are gathered in the name of Twitter, is it a tweetup?" 

Well, Saturday morning I saw some tweets that Marin tweeps were going to be at the Marin...


Twook Club Suggestions!

By fun_ master · June 15, 2011

Hi Marin Twitter Book Club Members:

This area is created for you to include suggestions for books you would like to read in the book club.  You are welcome to add links, pictures, summaries, reviews or anything book related. 


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It was the grand opening of the Food Crush Trucks at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.  There were 4 trucks and a food booth.  Curry Up Now (Indian), The Rib Whip (BBQ), Sift Cupcakes, Susie Q (Cajun) and Pizza Politana.  There was live...


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