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By Sally Around the Bay · March 28, 2012

Marin Twitterati <span>&copy; byTim Porter </span>

Marin Twitterati

Dear Twitter friends, followers, and strangers -

A lot of people have been asking me when the next Marin TweetUp is. The answer is: I don't know. :-) Due to feeling overwhelmingly busy I haven't had the desire to organize one. Instead I have been inviting tweeps to events organized by others that I happen to be going to or wish I was going to.

If you have the urge to plan and organize a TweetUp, please feel free to do so! I'm only one of the TweetUp organizers. ANYONE on Twitter can organize a TweetUp! You should try it. It's fun to meet new people.  If you want me to list your TweetUp on our Marin TweetUp calendar, I will. Just let me know.

I've also heard people grumble that they were not notified about a TweetUp or were not personally invited. If I organize a TweetUp and post it on here or Twitter as an open event - consider yourself invited. I cannot personally contact each and every person, although I would love to, but that kind of takes away the point and spontaneity of a TweetUp. Might as well just make it a party and send out an evite.

The best way to stay in-THE-know about the upcoming TweetUps is to register right here on this site and you will receive a monthly email reminding you that a TweetUp may be coming up. Or you could follow me closely on Twitter for when I randomly tweet about upcoming events, but as you know, on Twitter it is easy to miss things.

Speaking of TweetUps! The Marin Magazine recently did a feature on us! Check it out here: Marin's Twitterati Thank you to all the tweeps (@alembic, @iPeggy, @dianefischler, @marinmaven, @tonicarr, @fun_master, @thelib and @brainmaker) who showed up for the spur of the moment-some-what-chaotic Aroma Cafe TweetUp photoshoot with the Marin Magazine.

We were VERY bummed our usual Twitter boyz couldn't make it for the photoshoot: @ken_homer, @SanRafaelPolice, and @MikeWolpert! Because the men didn't show, the magazine decided to stick a few random dudes who happened to be in the cafe (and Twitter users) in the photo with us to give the photo a more accurate feel. The random dudes were very patient and went along with it, but the rest of us were a bit perplexed with the point of random dudes in the photo. Perhaps the random dudes will come to one of our TweetUps in the future and we will have a chance to get to know them a little better and will stop calling them the random dudes. :-)

You can read the fun photographer's take on photographing the tweeps, Tim Porter was a patient guy: On the Job: Marin’s Tweeps

If I missed listing anyone who was there that day please shoot me (an email) now and let me know.

More TweetUp News here: http://sallyaroundthebay.com/in-the-news/

Another way to find out about upcoming TweetUps is on Facebook (I know... kind of ironic, huh?) Be sure to click "LIKE" so you'll see my posts.

Thank you!

Diva Sally

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fun_ master wrote over 7 years ago

Thanks for getting the tweetup ball rolling!

Melanie Kramme wrote over 7 years ago

Ditto to fun_masters comment!
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