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Sugar Divorce

By Sally Around the Bay · July 31, 2011

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Dear Twooks:

I have an idea!

Since we finished reading our first official Twitter Book Club book: Meant to Be and we completed the super successful  and fun online #twooks discussion hosted by the authors, it's time for a new book.

A few of you have sent me suggestions of fun books (which I do plan to read) but last night I found a book I want to read right now!

Last night when I was home alone (having a date with my dog) I was clicking around on Twitter seeing what all my favorite tweeps were up to.

While exploring Twitter I discovered Suzanna Stinnett (@BrainMaker) had written and published a new book! The book is called Sugar Divorce. I think it was serendipitous I found this book! I've been feeling very frustrated with my body lately. Since I turned 40, started working full time (outside the house) and had a few extra heapings of family related drama (aka stress) I have gained 10 pounds! I've also been in a constant state of exhaustion, despite eating fairly healthy meals and going to the gym on a regular basis. I keep saying to myself, "I'm tired of being tired."

Suzanna's book sounds exatly like what I need right now! I'm not over 50 however I can relate to Suzanna. I'm not a very athletic person and when I do try ot be athletic I usually end up hurting myself. Heck, I just fell really hard on my bum on the  hike I took this morning. I have a bruised butt. :-(

Here is my idea: How about we read Sugar Divorce as our next twooks book? Suzanne is one of the original TweetUp folks and I love supporting my tweeps but seriously, the fact is I need this book. I need to make a change. I'm really tired of being tired, and I want my clothes to fit again. So, who is up for the challenge? I say we give ourselves 2 months to see we get results. I really hope you will join me. It is so much easier to do stuff like this with friends. There will be discussions about the book and our progress on her blog here: http://thesugardivorce.com/

Who is in?


You can order the book here. It's $3.99 Sugar Divorce by Suzanna Stinnett


Here is the description of the book from Amazon:

Product Description Leaving sugar is not a little thing. Not when it's been your friend, companion, deep counsel, doctor, healer, stimulant and brain food. In his latest blockbuster book, "The 4-Hour Body," Tim Ferriss proposes a new relationship to sugar. When a person realizes a dangerous addiction, the customary "healthy" response is to end the relationship. But that doesn't really end it, does it? Once an addict, always an addict? This journey is one of coming into a new relationship.

Joy Day
The seventh day of every week you go crazy eating anything and everything you want. While Ferriss refers to it as "binge day" or "cheat day," I have dubbed it "Joy Day." I started calling it that even before I experienced the first real Joy Day (meaning I had been on the plan for six days in a row beforehand). My partner is also working the food plan, and together we were on a mission. It was spectacular fun: the high of being present to the pleasure without the conflict. I couldn't get it in my head that this was something we might experience every single week. And it's not just "if you want," it's how the thing works. I'll tell you for sure: it is a whole new world.

The Body Change
Something you should know. At the end of the first four weeks, I bought a pair of jeans one size smaller than I've worn in the last ten years plus. I am indeed gently, slowly melting.

I also want you to know how different this is from losing 15 or 16 pounds on the South Beach diet. That was four years ago, and the only time in my life I've been on a diet. Naturally (it is nature pure and simple) I gained that back plus two or three on top of it.

That's not all, though, it's different in several ways. How I feel is very, very different. How my body looks is so different it's downright confusing. When did I ever have an hourglass? What's going on? I've now lost only half the weight I lost on South Beach, and hello, I never looked like this on that diet. I never felt like this either. Keep in mind I am exercising less.

And I definitely want you to know all the ways I messed up the food plan! All the things I didn't do that are supposed to be part of this process. I want you to know all that, because we're human beings. And if you're at all like me, you are no longer running high level of youth hormones in your body. And maybe you are also on the sedentary side. And maybe you would like to change that, too. Losing weight helps with enjoying an active lifestyle.

With Edition Two, I've added a "Kickstart Guide" to help you get going and get through your first days. It's much easier than you might think. Don't hesitate to begin your own experiment with enjoyable food and a very enjoyable body.

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Suzanna Stinnett wrote almost 8 years ago

Sally, thank you so much for this great opportunity to connect with twookies around The Sugar Divorce. I'm looking forward to finding more ways to make this information and the whole process more accessible for everyone. It's made a ridiculously huge difference in my life! If anyone needs another way to get the book rather than Kindle or reading it on their computer, I can provide that too, in PDF format. This is so fun! Cheers and thanks again, Suzanna Stinnett

Sally Around the Bay wrote almost 8 years ago

Update: I finished the book! It's a quick and easy read. I just purchased the 4 Hour Body now so I can dig in to more detail of how this all works.
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