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Twooks = Twitter Books

By Sally Around the Bay · June 29, 2011

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I've been thinking about our Twitter Book Club and what we could do.

Since the Twitter book club has attracted people from beyond Marin (way beyond... I'm talking Texas, Illinois, etc) it's not really feasible for us to all meet in person.

I thought maybe we could discuss the book on Twitter or on this site via the comments but then I didn't want us to be p0sting book spoilers all over the place... so it got me to thinking.

Have you heard of the One Book One Marin campaign? "The purpose of One Book One Marin 2011 is to provide readers with a shared reading experience that leads to open dialogue and celebrates the joy of reading."

Maybe that can be our purpose too! Instead of having a book club where we all get together and discuss the book we do One Book On Twitter? We will all read the same book around the same time providing us with a shared common experience. Bonus benefit to the lucky authors who are chosen who will get lots of free promotion from US! Maybe those authors want to even join in the conversation here and get to know their readers.

So... fellow Twooks Club members, what do you think?


More info about Twooks: http://sallyaroundthebay.kontribune.com/articles/212

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Peggy Butler wrote about 8 years ago

Hi Sally. No, I hadn't heard of One Book One Marin. That concept sounds good. I can't envision us all getting together either. So, we need to come up with a "due date" for Meant to Be. I may be the only one who's not finished with it yet! My kids are staying up later now that it's summer, so it's hard to find time to read. Anyway, I'm about 1/2 way done. Give me a completion date! :)

Cathy Curtis wrote about 8 years ago

Hi Sally, I haven't heard of it either, but I like the idea. In fact, I think I'll read their book selection too! I need a deadline as well. I 'm boing to try and read Meant To Be while here in B.C. on vacation...but the in-laws are quite demanding of our time ....I'll try and sneak off at some point or read at night in bed. Cathy

Marjanne Pearson wrote about 8 years ago

I was wondering how a live-tweet book club might work, and I'm certainly willing to give it a try. But I think the One-Book idea is good, too, and it would be terrific to focus on local writers (of whom there are so many). Not only would it give us something to talk about at the Tweetups, but we can spread the good word via Twitter.

Sally Around the Bay wrote about 8 years ago

Marjanne - I like the idea of supporting local authors. Marin is FULL of them. That way they can join us at our TweetUps like Sue did. I think one condition must be that they are active on Twitter if we are going to read their books and talk about them on Twitter. What do you think?

Gil Hebert wrote 4 months ago

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