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Spontaneous Marin Art Festival Mini Marin Tweetup

By fun_ master · June 20, 2011

@ feather girl, @pobutler, @merlinchauffeur, @dianefischler, @ken_homer, @curtisfinancial <span>&copy; @fun_master </span>

@ feather girl, @pobutler, @merlinchauffeur, @dianefischler, @ken_homer, @curtisfinancial

@colleenproppe, @ken_homer, @dianefischler <span>&copy; @fun_master </span> @merlinchauffeur and @fun_master at labyrinth booth <span>&copy; @fun_master </span> tweeps browsing art <span>&copy; @fun_master </span>

There is the age old question (well, at least for the last 4 years or so): "If two or more tweeps are gathered in the name of Twitter, is it a tweetup?" 

Well, Saturday morning I saw some tweets that Marin tweeps were going to be at the Marin Art Festival.  It happens to be one of my favorite fairs of the season and I was planning on being there also.  So I posted this tweet:  "Spontaneous Marin tweetup flash mob labyrinth walk! at the marin art festival today! 3pmish..."  I wanted to visit @merlinchauffeur 's labyrinth and photos, and meet @colleenproppe IRL for the first time. 

When I first arrived I wandered for a bit and quickly met up with @dianefischler and @ken_homer.  We stopped at the @macarts booth and I finally met @colleenproppe and her twin boys IRL.  Then through @foursquare saw that @pobutler was there with her daughter.  We texted and met up at one of @dianefischler's favorite artists, Tom Killion's booth.  Note to @ken_homer: Diane REALLY wants a Tom Killion for her upcoming birthday ending in a zero!

Soon after, @curtisfinancial (lives in the east bay but is an honorary marin tweep) joined us.  We all headed over to the labyrinth where we met @merlinchauffeur and @martincgregory and the IRL Merlin the dog.  I walked the labyrinth (not quite a flashmob) as others wandered to eat, look at art and listen to music.  I met up with @dianefischler and @ken_homer again for a short while then headed home.

@sally_k almost showed up, but she had to tie up some loose ends before her upcoming trip to Colombia with @mamamtnbike and kids.  I guess if @sally_k was there it would have been an Official Marin Tweetup!

Thanks everyone! It is always FUN to join with other IRL tweeps.  And, yes, I considered that a mini tweetup!  

P.S. Does that mean when @dianefischler/@ken_homer or @fun_master/@robertlorusso or @sally_k/@mamamtnbike are together it is considered a tweetup? That's a question for another day...

And.... if a tweep tweets in the forest and there are no other tweeps around...does it go on their tweet count?



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